Remember The Sun?

I'm currently in Sandusky, Ohio, about to start an internship at the Sandusky Register. The internship should be a great experience and I'm excited to start making some pictures and getting to know the Lake Erie area. Even after one day in town I'm finding all sorts of things to stare at and run a little off the road over. I'm about three streets away from the lake and I hear sea gulls (or lake gulls?) all day from my cozy second floor apartment. While butterflies fill my stomach, grey fills the sky and choppy little waves cover the Lake Erie, so I thought I would make up for the drizzles with a few photos of friends and the sun.

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Brittany Bott said...

yay! Good luck at the Sandusky Register! Are you staying at the little apartment that Drew, myself and everyone has lived in? I can't wait to see what images you produce :)