Getting Outside

The warm weather has warmed my cold nerves. I've had a lot of trouble with how I think about photography lately and being able to talk to people to get into their lives. These frames are from New Straitsville, Ohio and I owe all of them to Ryan, who's been working on a really nice, inspiring story about a large family living in very low conditions and I tagged along with him tonight as he went out to hang with them. It was nice to be able to shoot something that wasn't an event or somebody building something for once. . . which is my own fault and has really shown me where I need to grow as a person and photographer. The kids in the family are really interesting. I like that they are so satisfied in their lives and have surprisingly inspiring mindsets and dispositions. The lives they are growing up in are something so foreign to me, hard and unforgiving to say the least, yet they are surprisingly good people just doomed to a life that won't let them become the people they wish to be. 

Quote of the night: "It don't hurt, it just tastes bad." said Zaniel on the concept of being forced to repeatedly eat dirt by his older brother.


Anonymous said...

Nice quote Charles.

Brittany said...

nice images!

i'm sure once the weather warms up, you'll be feeling better photo wise. winter is always hard and it definitely makes people feel like they are in a slump. unless you live on a beach or in great weather. things will get better