Environmental Portrait . . .Again

Nice light. Nice subject. Nice to actually find something that might save my grade, maybe maybe maybe.

Lately it seems like my photos have gone down the tubes. I really try, and I've been putting photography in the forefront of my life for the last 3 quarters, but it seems like my grades are falling and the more I try to do something different the more my grades fall.
I bumped into Jenn Ackerman the other day in the hall way and it was really great to see her. First she complimented my blog. . . which amazed me that anyone even looks at it. And to hear that from someone that I really look up made me feel really good. And she said that she could see that I was growing. I definitely owe most of that to her and her 222 class last quarter. I feel like I learned way more in her class last quarter then I have this quarter.
I was really bummed out the other day because I just got a D on the photos of the new straitsville people I turned in last week, to the point that I couldn't find it in me to make a frame. And I had a hard time convincing myself that the grades don't really matter, and that me being happy with where my photography is at then thats what should matter.

So I'm left confused. . . make photos that get good grades or make photos that make me better.
Oops. . . I think I just got too bloggy, sorry

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